Salone Stories

Episode 6 - The Athens of West Africa

January 12, 2024 Charlie Haffner, Africell Season 1 Episode 6
Salone Stories
Episode 6 - The Athens of West Africa
Show Notes

Fourah Bay College has produced some of Africa’s most influential thinkers and leaders. It has also given Freetown an enduring nickname. Though the college struggled during Sierra Leone’s civil war, today it is leading a resurgent culture of learning and innovation. In the final episode in the series, Charlie Haffner wanders around campus and considers what “the Athens of West Africa” means two centuries after Fourah Bay College was founded.

With special thanks: H.E. David Moinina Sengeh and Professor Joe AD Alie

A podcast series produced by Novel Studios for Africell.

Presented: Charlie Haffner

Written and created: Charlie Haffner and Sam Williams

Edited: Nadia Mehdi

Executive producers: Sam Williams and Max O'Brien

Sound design and mixing: Naomi Clarke

Special thanks: Abdul Karim Sesay, Shadi Gerjawi, Eleanor Biggs, Claire Crofton, Pippa Smith and the Africell Impact Foundation.