Salone Stories

Episode 5 - Bruno the Chimpanzee

January 12, 2024 Charlie Haffner, Africell Season 1 Episode 5
Salone Stories
Episode 5 - Bruno the Chimpanzee
Show Notes

A chimpanzee’s daring escape from a sanctuary near Freetown in 2006 captured the imagination of Sierra Leone. Almost twenty years later, Bruno remains in the wild, with an almost mythical status, seen by many as a symbol of Sierra Leone’s fiercely free spirit. In this episode, Charlie Haffner visits Sierra Leone’s steaming green rainforest to learn what the future holds for its wildlife.

With special thanks: Bala Amarasekaran and Francis Massaquoi

A podcast series produced by Novel Studios for Africell.

Presented: Charlie Haffner

Written and created: Charlie Haffner and Sam Williams

Edited: Nadia Mehdi

Executive producers: Sam Williams and Max O'Brien

Sound design and mixing: Naomi Clarke

Special thanks: Abdul Karim Sesay, Shadi Gerjawi, Eleanor Biggs, Claire Crofton, Pippa Smith and the Africell Impact Foundation.