Salone Stories

Episode 4 - Geraldo Pino and The Heartbeats

January 12, 2024 Charlie Haffner, Africell Season 1 Episode 4
Salone Stories
Episode 4 - Geraldo Pino and The Heartbeats
Show Notes

African music has never been more popular. Selling out stadia from Lagos to London to LA, Africa’s top artists are slick, stylish and social-media savvy. But there is another story: the risk to more precarious local music traditions in an age of Spotify and smartphones. In this episode, Charlie Haffner listens to the distinctive Salone soundtrack and considers its unsung influence on modern Afrobeats .

With special guests: Fantacee Wiz, the Tiwani Hunting Society, The Sierra Leone National Dance Troupe and the late Dr Adedayo Thomas

A podcast series produced by Novel Studios for Africell.

Presented: Charlie Haffner

Written and created: Charlie Haffner and Sam Williams

Edited: Nadia Mehdi

Executive producers: Sam Williams and Max O'Brien

Sound design and mixing: Naomi Clarke

Special thanks: Abdul Karim Sesay, Shadi Gerjawi, Eleanor Biggs, Claire Crofton, Pippa Smith and the Africell Impact Foundation.